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Top Kenyan Gay Men Celebrities

Silas Miami.

Silas is the son of seasoned and veteran media personality Louis Otieno he recently announced that he had wedded his caucasian partner and had their honeymoon in south Africa. The couple is currently living in Europe.

Victor Maish.

The make up artist is a close friend to former socialite vera sidika he is also a fashionista and model who identifies as being both gay and bi-sexual and occasionally posts pictures on social media rocking both male and female pictures .


The viral influencer on tiktok is known for wearing feminine clothes and even sporting make up which always causes an uproar and backlash from Kenyans ecently came out and disclosed that he was neither straight nor gay but identifies more as a female.

Dennis Karuri.

The make up artist is engaged to a male partner who he frequently posts on his social media handles and is not afraid to showcase his queer orientation from his dressing style which is mostly revealing female clothes .

NB Im not against the sexual preferences of the people listed here and the article is purely for entertainment purposes.


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