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A Cat Of Nine Lives: Gidi Kocha Survives Viral Plane Incident On His Way To Cairo.

Pewa ,Nimedata singer Gidi Kocha is counting his blessing yet again after escaping with his life on a near grisly aircraft accident late this week while on his way to Cairo , Egypt.

The singer who has been involved in a grisly road accident where he miraculously escaped unscathed while coming from a event is yet again living on his nine lives like the proverbial metaphor.

The singer booked his flight earlier this week to the land of pyramids and pharaoh’s where he was scheduled for a meeting.

However when in mid flight the craft that he was traveling in hit a turbulence and thus begun what according to him was the beginning to the end of him.

Inthe clip that has since gone viral and made major headlines around the globe, the singer can be seen with other passengers as the plane shakes vigorously

But the singer who has been accused of being a cult member held on to his dear life with nothing but prayers which snatched him from the jaws of death .

Gidi Kocha, has undoubtedly had one hell of an year but his good luck always seems to outweigh all the bad luck thrown his way.


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